Composite Bollard

composite bollards

fix bollard
47 cm

fix bollard Product Description

fiz bollard sidewalks, parks, marine edges. private property and business centers are used.

fix bollard Technical Specifications

fix bollard, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer material is produced.

fix bollard, 10.5 kg ± O, 05 weighing

fix bollard -40 ° C +80 ° C used in certain circumstances.

fix bollard, can be produced as required, Solar LED (top part)

Advantages of fix bollard, Border element is minimal risk to be stolen.

fix bollard Stainless. incorruptible

fix bollard flammable

fix bollard has a dimensional stability (shrinkage and do not pull)

fix bollard can be produced in different colors.

fix bollard can be applied to the body of the hill and into the desired shape or corporate logo.

fix bollard there is no salvage value.

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